[r22] Rep. Kubacki and Culver fight adult illiteracy

Posted by: Zach Weismiller  | Tuesday, March 6, 2012

STATEHOUSE – Reps. Rebecca Kubacki (R-Syracuse) and Wes Culver (R-Goshen) have teamed up to battle adult illiteracy on behalf of the Indiana Literacy Association (ILA). Over the last couple of weeks, the two representatives have collected donations from fellow representatives in addition to purchasing over 75 books to donate to the ILA. 

This issue has personal significance for Rep. Kubacki. When asking her colleagues to contribute, Rep. Kubacki spoke of her mother’s struggle to read and write. She described the powerful emotions evoked when she sees her mother and seven year old granddaughter sharing books because they read at the same level.

This bond has driven Rep. Kubacki’s mother to steadily improve everyday enabling her to read to her granddaughter.

The ILA estimates between 800,000 and 1.5 million adult Hoosiers have literacy skills below the necessary level for life in the U.S. today. 

“Adult illiteracy is very near and dear to my heart – I’ve lived it,” said Rep. Kubacki. “Simple tasks like reading the directions on a prescription or writing a letter to a loved one are impossible without this vital skill.”

Rep. Kubacki has been involved in literacy advocacy for over a decade. She has spent twelve years working with Kosciusko Literacy Services and received an award for her participation on her 10th anniversary with the organization.

“I’m hoping that bringing this issue to the Statehouse will raise awareness,” said Rep. Kubacki. “It’s great to see staff and representatives from both sides of the aisle come together to combat this issue.”

Literacy organizations exist in nearly all of the state’s 92 counties. 

ILA programs operate as not-for-profit, community-based corporations or within the purview of public libraries.  They are responsible for finding their own funding, training their own tutors, and promoting their own programs and activities.  While some operate with United Way support, most seek grants from community and private foundations. 

If you are interested in getting involved or donating, please visit http://www.indianaliteracy.org/ila/ to gather more information.