[r22] House Republican Legislative Agenda announced

Posted by: Zach Weismiller  | Thursday, January 9, 2014

STATEHOUSE – House Speaker Brian C. Bosma (R-Indianapolis) announced the House Republican agenda for the 2014 Legislative session.  Titled “Indiana: Working on Progress” the agenda focused on five key areas to make Indiana a better state. These areas included preparing kids for their careers, connecting crossroads to communities, equipping our workforce, cutting taxes and stopping burdensome regulations.  State Representative Rebecca Kubacki (R-Syracuse) joined the Speaker and other legislators at the announcement. 

“As the chair of the Family, Children and Human Affairs committee and a mother I am committed to making sure Hoosier children grow up in a safe environment and have access to a good education,” said Rep. Kubacki. “Currently in Indiana 60 percent of children ages 3-4 are not enrolled in a preschool program and Indiana is one of 10 states that don’t offer a state-funded pre-K program. Having access to a good education from an early start will create a better foundation for their future career endeavors.”

Equipping our workforce and addressing the skills gap was another area covered in the 2014 agenda. 67 percent of manufacturing companies are reporting moderate to severe shortage of available, qualified workers. The shortage is expected to grow within the next three years. By 2018, it is estimated that 55 percent of Indiana’s jobs will require some postsecondary education, but only 33 percent of our current working age Hoosiers have acquired an associate’s degree or higher.  

“We have focused over the past decade on creating the best environment in the Midwest through policies that encourage and incentivize companies from all over the world to relocate and grow in Indiana,” said Speaker Bosma. “We must continue to focus on ensuring we have a workforce that will meet the needs of a globally dynamic marketplace.” 

Indiana has one of the top pro-business tax climates, but taxing capital investment puts Indiana at a competitive disadvantage with other states. Compared to other Midwestern states, Indiana has the highest effective personal property tax rate. 

“I am proud of this agenda because it will continue to move Indiana forward and builds on the steps already taken. I look forward to focusing on education and making sure the jobs we currently have are being filled with skilled workers this legislative session,” said Rep. Kubacki.