[r22] Being thankful and giving back

Posted by: Zach Weismiller  | Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives – I know I’m guilty of it. Life always has a way of throwing a few curveballs our way, and sometimes overcoming life’s obstacles can be tough. It always seems when our community or state is facing a tough time we are able to come together to make a difference.  The strength of our society has always been in our willingness to give back and spend time with others less fortunate. 

Some of the best advice I ever received was when going through one of life’s trails we must remain positive and focus on making a difference. However large or small, I have tried to  make a difference because no matter how tough things get we must remain thankful. November is the month to be thankful for everyone and everything in our life. It’s a month to give back to those less fortunate and to help bring some special joy to those around us. . 

There are many opportunities to help those around you this November. In Kosciusko County I suggest visitingwww.volunteerkosciusko.org where you can browse and selected volunteer opportunities that fit your schedule. Over 55 organizations post volunteer opportunities to help fit your needs and.  If you live in Elkhart Indiana visit www.elkhartindiana.org and look at the volunteer opportunities webpage. 

Food pantries are a great way to give back.  These organizations are dedicated to serving Hoosiers every day, especially on Thanksgiving and do a great job of meeting our region’s needs, but they could always use more volunteers. Whether you have items you would like to donate or if you would like to volunteer on Thanksgiving or another time contact some of these pantries in Kosciusko County:
Lighthouse Outreach Center 
Warsaw, IN 46580-4804
(574) 267-7821 

Combined Community Services 
Warsaw, IN 46580
(574) 269-6019 

Nappanee Open Door Pantry, Inc.
Nappanee, IN – 46550
(574) 773-3820

Christian Development Center
Nappanee, IN – 46550
(574) 773-2149

Harvest with a Heart
Milford, IN 46542

North Webster Food Pantry
North Webster, IN 4655

Syracuse Food Pantry
Syracuse, IN-46567

First Brethren of New Paris
New Paris, IN 46533
As the Chair of the Family, Children and Human Affairs committee I have noticed another great way that people serve, as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). Volunteers are needed to represent the voice of children in the court system. Completing investigations of cases then completing written reports to the judge advocating for the best interests of the children involved. Located in Warsaw, visit www.casachildren.com or call 574-372-2401 to volunteer your time.

No matter how tough things get in our lives we still live in the greatest nation founded on principles of freedom and personal rights. We have to remind ourselves to stop from day to day and remember how lucky we are. I invite you to give back this upcoming Holiday season and find a way to spend a little time helping those in need and make a difference in our community. Even the smallest of gestures can go a long way to make a significant difference in someone else’s life.

I feel honored to represent our community at the Statehouse, and as always I’m interested in hearing your questions or concerns. Please visitwww.in.gov/legislative, or feel free to contact me atH22@in.gov, or by calling 317-232-9619.