[r21] Rep. Wesco: 2012 Indiana State Fair (8/10/2012)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Start Date: 8/10/2012 Start Time: 8:00 AM
End Date: 8/10/2012 End Time: 8:00 AM

It's the Year of the Dairy Cow at the State Fair, and all of the shows, exhibits and concerts are underway and off to a great start. The fair will be running from August 3 to August 19 with a focus on Indiana's dairy industry.

In "Cowtown USA" people will have the chance to:

•Milk Cows
•Watch the pasteurization process
•Create cheese, butter and ice cream           

For a list of all of dairy-related events click here.

Be sure not to miss these State Fair delicacies:   
•Spaghetti and meatballs ice cream
•Fried Samoa Girl Scout cookies
•Fried M&Ms
•Fried bubble gum

Admission to the State Fair is $10, but be sure to check out the special offers being advertised to save some 'moo'lah.

This is just a sampling of all of the great activities that are going on at the State Fair. Bring the whole family to experience what makes Indiana great!