[r21] New Website Allows Hoosiers to Report Suspected Meth Activity (8/13/2010)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Start Date: 8/13/2010 All Day
End Date: 8/13/2010

Indiana State Police now have another tool for fighting methamphetamine creation and use: a "web driven, investigative tool" called the Indiana Methamphetamine Investigation System, or IMIS.

Using the IMIS website (www.in.gov/meth), retailers can upload data about pseudoephedrine (PE) sales to be analyzed by law enforcement for purchasing patterns. The general public may even submit tips about suspected meth activity.

Local State Rep.s Jackie Walorski (R-Jimtown), Dick Dodge (R-Pleasant Lake) and Wes Culver (R-Goshen), who all represent districts plagued by meth use, were on hand this morning at the Indiana State Police Toll Road Post for the launch of IMIS.

First Sergeant David Bursten says, "With IMIS the tracking will be automated and more user friendly for the pharmacist to input the information. The ease of use is expected to attract more voluntary participation from pharmacists across the state concerned about the diversion of a legal drug to illegal production of methamphetamine."

Hoosiers can also use the IMIS website to request an educational program with a State Trooper, see videos showing before and after pictures of meth users, and learn to recognize the signs of a meth lab.

"Meth cookers in Indiana have every reason to be very, very nervous right now," said Rep. Walorski. "This website will be a powerful tool in catching PE purchase patterns and ultimately, catching the people making and using meth in our communities."

Rep. Dodge emphasized efforts by the legislature to crack down on meth production.

"Back in my first term as a representative, I was pleased to support a measure that significantly tightened restrictions on PE purchases," he said. "This year we refined those laws even more, and with the launch of this website, we're now circling back to Hoosiers and asking them to be part of the effort to stop meth activity."

Rep. Culver said, "I really applaud the State Police for going on the offense to fight meth.

"This is a great step for areas in Indiana, like the one I represent, that are so profoundly affected by this problem."