[r20] Rep. Dermody's Statement on the the State Budget and Unemployment Insurance (4/30/2009)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Start Date: 4/30/2009 All Day
End Date: 4/30/2009

Please include the following statement from Rep. Dermody in your coverage of recent legislative action:

State budget

"Unfortunately, we were unwilling to make difficult decisions with limited dollars-decisions families all across our state are doing every day," said Rep. Dermody. "The proposed budget would have put taxpayers in a very difficult position, as a tax increase in two years was almost inevitable.

"With 53 percent of the proposed budget dedicated to K-12 spending, it's unacceptable that there is such a huge disparity in funding between different school corporations. We have schools here in LaPorte and Pulaski counties receiving, in some cases, about half as much as a few other school corporations in our state. How, during these especially difficult economic times, is that even remotely acceptable?

"I voted 'No' without hesitation, and I'm encouraged that so many others joined me in opposing this flawed budget."