[r20] Rep. Dermody's 2009 Legislative Survey Results (2/24/2009)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Start Date: 2/24/2009 All Day
End Date: 2/24/2009

(STATEHOUSE) Feb. 24, 2009 - Here are the results of Rep. Tom Dermody's (R-LaPorte) 2009 legislative survey, based on responses from 922 constituents.

1. Do you support a constitutional amendment capping residential property taxes at 1 percent of a home's assessed value, 2 percent for agriculture and rental properties and 3 percent for business property?

Yes: 74 percent.                   No: 19 percent.    No Opinion: 7 percent.


2. Currently, an average of about 61 percent of school spending is earmarked for classrooms, including teacher salaries. Should the state require local schools to increase their classroom spending percentage to a minimum of 65 percent?

Yes: 52 percent.                   No: 31 percent.    No Opinion: 17 percent.


3. Do you support a state law requiring all state agencies to verify legal residence before issuing public benefits in order to ensure that only Hoosiers are receiving them?

Yes: 95 percent.                   No: 3 percent.                      No Opinion: 2 percent.


4. Should Indiana offer more generous financial incentives for new employers to locate and create jobs here?

Yes: 64 percent.                   No: 26 percent.    No Opinion: 10 percent.


5. Should Indiana pass a moratorium on new construction of large confined animal feeding operations?

Yes: 40 percent.                   No: 33 percent.    No Opinion: 27 percent.


6. Do you favor replacing the three-member board of county commissioners with one person elected as the county's chief executive?

Yes: 24 percent.                   No: 68 percent.    No Opinion: 8 percent.


7. Should the township form of government be eliminated, with its duties being handled by municipal-, county- and state-level offices?

Yes: 35 percent.                   No: 57 percent.    No Opinion: 8 percent.


8. Should a statewide smoking ban be enacted?

Yes: 52 percent.                   No: 41 percent.    No Opinion: 7 percent.


9. Should the state look at a study for the Illiana highway east of I-65 to LaPorte County?

Yes: 39 percent.                   No: 48 percent.    No Opinion: 13 percent.


10. Should the state require Medicaid recipients to pay a fee for non-emergency care at the emergency room?

Yes: 69 percent.                   No: 24 percent.    No Opinion: 7 percent.


11. Should cities or towns be able to raise new revenues such as a local option income tax to replace losses in revenue due to property tax reductions?

Yes: 31 percent.                   No: 59 percent.    No Opinion: 10 percent.


12. If a local tax was to be raised, should a portion be set aside for only public safety?

Yes: 47 percent.                   No: 33 percent.    No Opinion: 20 percent.