[r20] Dermody Amendment Helps Schools Cover Shortfalls (2/25/2010)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Start Date: 2/25/2010 All Day
End Date: 2/25/2010

Dermody Amendment Helps Schools Cover Shortfalls

Measure to provide additional budget flexibility passes unanimously

STATEHOUSE-State Rep. Tom Dermody (R-LaPorte) today authored an amendment to Senate Bill 309 which is projected to save schools about $11 million. The measure would remove a requirement that school corporations increase contributions to the Teachers Retirement Fund.  Rep. Dermody's amendment would in no way jeopardize the solvency of the fund.

The amendment, which passed unanimously, would help alleviate the effects of the much-publicized budget cuts required by the administration as a result of state revenue shortfalls.

"Right now, we need to be looking at any way we can help save our schools money because every penny counts," said Rep. Dermody. "We've got an obligation to help schools during these tough times and my amendment would certainly do that."