Panel to study Harman's funding plan for locals

Posted by: Devan Strebing  | Friday, May 27, 2016

STATEHOUSE (May 27, 2016) — State Rep. Tim Harman’s (R-Bremen) proposal to give local governments more flexibility in the use of current funding sources was recently assigned to be examined by the Interim Study Committee on Government.

“My proposal is taxpayer friendly and helps local governments,” Harman said. “It aims to reduce the excessive controls placed on local governments that are often unable to use surplus tax dollars to help fund important local priorities such as road repairs and 911 dispatch centers. Often, the choice is cutting vital services or raising additional taxes to support them.”

Harman worked this past session to include his proposal that will be studied in a new law regarding local government budgeting policies.

“If we allow more flexibility for local governments to freely manage their resources, we can avoid raising taxes and cutting services,” Harman said. “This would be a win not only for taxpayers, but for us as citizens who need our infrastructure and public safety sectors maintained.”

Summer study committees meet during the summer and fall months and give legislators an opportunity to do a deep-dive on complex issues and recommend legislation for next session.

Harman, who is retiring in November, sits on the House Committee on Government and Regulatory Affairs, which is often assigned significant legislation pertaining to local government.

Harman said those with questions or input, can contact him at or 317-234-9499.



State Rep. Tim Harman (R-Bremen) represents all of

Marshall County and a large portion of Fulton County. 

A high-resolution photo of Harman can be downloaded by clicking here