New Indiana laws part 3 (7/16/2012)

Monday, July 16, 2012 7:00 pm

Start Date:  7/16/2012  Start Time:  12:00 AM
End Date:  7/16/2012  End Time:  11:59 PM
Every legislative session, the Indiana General Assembly works hard to make improvements in the classroom. Students could always use more of our attention.  It is my goal, along with my colleagues, to continually improve Indiana’s education system. Several new education-related laws went into effect at the beginning of this month, and it is important for everyone to be aware of how they will affect Hoosier students.

Sadly, many children across Indiana experience abuse from parents or other family members. Not only is this harmful physically, mentally and emotionally, but it can also greatly hinder children academically. This past legislative session, I supported legislation that requires the Department of Education (DOE) to develop and implement a plan for  abused children in the classroom. The DOE must develop model education materials, response policies and reporting procedures on child abuse, including sexual abuse. These policies will affect students in grades two to five.

It is so important for children not to fall through the cracks. I am pleased that the Indiana General Assembly was able to make progress in this area. It is my hope that many students will benefit from this new law.

 The Indiana General Assembly also passed a new law making it illegal for parents and students to be charged a fee for bus transportation to and from school. An issue arose last year in a local Indianapolis school where students were being charged to ride the bus. This resulted in more and more students walking to school, which created many safety hazards for students. The new law will help eliminate those safety hazards and will prevent students from being charged for school transportation in the future.

Finally, I supported legislation that develops an advisory committee on early education.  The advisory committee will serve as a wonderful tool for us to get a head start on next session’s issues and discussions.

For more information on either of these new laws, or for a complete list of new Indiana laws, please visit As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or input by calling 317-232-9509 or by emailing


Rep. Davisson represents parts of Clark, Crawford, Dubois, Harrison, Jackson, Perry, Scott and Washington Counties.

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