Morris: The cornerstone of Indiana's economy

Friday, February 1, 2013 7:00 pm

Start Date:  2/1/2013  Start Time:  12:00 PM
End Date:  2/1/2013  End Time:  12:00 PM

The cornerstone of Indiana’s economy

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, with over 27 million companies fitting the mold of having less than 500 employees. According to the United States Small Business Administration, they also account for an estimated 60 to 80 percent of all newly created jobs.  I guess it comes as no surprise that small businesses have been the main driver behind Indiana’s continued, strong growth.

Serving my second term in the Indiana General Assembly, it is my top priority to make sure our state’s job growth continues to outpace the national average and that unemployment continues to lower. I also want to make sure that Hoosiers are well prepared to not only fill the jobs being created here state, but to succeed in the workplace. The General Assembly has strived to create an economic environment conducive to private sector job growth, and businesses have answered the call.

Indiana is one of only nine states that have a triple-A credit rating from all three agencies.  This recognition comes from having an honestly balanced budget that provides the framework for local and state governments to prudently address infrastructure improvements, education needs and protective services. I am proud to be a part of this process and promote our thriving Hoosier state – Washington could learn a thing or two.  We have made great strides in making Indiana the envy of other states, but we can always do better and improve.

As a small business owner I understand the hardships that businesses face on a regular basis. Though there are trials that come with a small business, I also know the reward of working within our community to create jobs. I am passionate about continuing to create ways to provide Hoosiers with the tools to realize their American Dream.  

I have introduced legislation that will attempt to encourage job growth through new incentives directed at small businesses. The bill proposes an exemption to the first $100,000 of new investment from personal property taxes.  Amidst an uncertain federal tax climate, this bill can provide small business owners with greater confidence to invest in their operations. On a macro level, this investment spurs the economy, creates more jobs and ultimately leads to progress.

I’m thrilled to introduce a bill that has the potential to bring new investment, economic advancement and jobs for hardworking Hoosiers, while improving our already favorable state tax climate. As we move forward this session, I will remain steadfast in my focus on bringing jobs to our community and throughout Indiana. 

It is vital that we continue to foster an environment that allows small businesses to grow in the Hoosier state. 

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