Morris: Letter to the Editor

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 7:00 pm

Start Date:  3/22/2011  All Day  
End Date:  3/22/2011    

Dear Neighbor,

In September of 2010, I made a pledge to the Indiana House Republicans' 'Strengthen Indiana Plan.' Our plan protected Hoosier tax payers, promoted job creation and expanded education opportunities. The plan hasn't changed.

Our plan has been and continues to be to deliver upon the promises we made during our run, show up everyday ready to work and be the voice of our constituents.

By the Democrats' actions, I have not been able to be that voice.  Their continued absence has silenced the voices of all Hoosiers. We cannot let the minority dictate an agenda, when Hoosier voted for something different on November 2. I can understand using tactic in a limited capacity, but a month stay in Urbana is excessive.

This is now the longest walkout in Indiana history. We have been patient, but time has run out.  We can no longer have work halted at taxpayer expense.  Speaker Brian Bosma stated at the beginning of session that we will work with the willing and around the unwilling.

This week, we will begin working with the Senate and within our own House committees in hope of getting needed legislation passed.

The Democrats continue to push us toward a special session, at an additional cost to Hoosier taxpayers.  House Republicans want to avoid this, which is why we are focused on moving forward, with or without them.

There is work to be done this session and we are determined to see it accomplished.  The Democrats need to end their strike and resume the people's work at the Indiana Statehouse. 


State Representative Bob Morris