Morris: House Democrats silence Hoosiers voices

Thursday, January 5, 2012 7:00 pm

Start Date:  1/5/2012    
End Date:  1/5/2012    
Rep. Bob Morris (R-Fort Wayne) and his House Republican colleagues came ready to get back to work today, however the majority of the House Democrats did not show up to do the work of the people. The majority of Democrats failed to attend the start of the 2012 legislative session, which prevented all legislators from moving forward. 

“I was eager to show up today and do the people’s work. I am frustrated that the democrat’s absence prohibited me from doing that,” said Rep. Morris. “I will continue to show up and represent my constituents at the Statehouse. I only hope the Democrats also choose to return to the Statehouse floor and represent their constituents. 

As a result of the five-week Democrat walkout that occurred last session, members of the General Assembly passed anti-bolting legislation that enables the Speaker of the House to institute a $1,000 fine per day per member after the third missed session day. The Speaker and members of the House also maintain the authority to pass a motion to institute fines for a single session day missed. 

In the Indiana House of Representatives, in order for a bill list to be handed down, a quorum of 67 members must be present. The Democrats denied this quorum, which postponed several the key pieces of legislation addressing government reduction, right-to-work, military family relief, mass transit and a smoking ban.