Morris: Governor Signs Rep. Morris's Bills

Friday, May 13, 2011 7:00 pm

Start Date:  5/13/2011  All Day  
End Date:  5/13/2011    

House Enrolled Act 1046 and Senate Enrolled Act 506 Enacted

STATEHOUSE - Rep. Bob Morris (R- Fort Wayne) co-authored House Enrolled Act 1046 and co-sponsored Senate Enrolled Act 506.  House Enrolled Act 1046 aids home builders and Senate Enrolled Act 506 strengthens second amendment rights.

House Enrolled Act 1046 will provide a 50% property tax deduction to a residential builder for a single family residence, townhouse or condominium that has never been occupied. Current law taxes vacant homes like any other occupied home, this bill would call for a property deduction that would last until the home is sold.

"I am pleased to see the Governor sign this bill into law.  We are facing tough economic times and anything we can do to alleviate financial stresses we should," said Rep. Morris. "The deduction of property taxes on unsold or new residences will help many who are facing the challenges of the housing market." 

Senate Enrolled Act 506 allows an individual to carry a handgun without a license in a vehicle or on property that they rent, own or lease. Additionally, an individual would be able to carry their handgun with them on the property of another person or in another person's vehicle if permission was granted.

The bill will also allow a person to carry a handgun if they are attending a firearms event, receiving firearm instruction, at a shooting range, or participating in legal hunting activities.

"Advocating for our second amendment rights is something I will continue to do throughout my tenure as a Representative. I am passionate about expanding this right and am proud to see this bill enacted," said Rep. Morris.