Local farms honored with Hoosier Homestead Award

Posted by: Courtney Heiden  | Monday, August 10, 2020

STATEHOUSE (Aug. 7, 2020) – Area legislators recently announced the latest recipients of the Hoosier Homestead Award, which recognizes farms owned and maintained by the same family for 100 years or more.

The Hoosier Homestead Award Program honors families who have made significant contributions to Indiana agriculture. Instituted in 1976, the program recognizes the impact these family farms have made on the economic, cultural and social advancements of Indiana. In the past 40 years, more than 5,800 farms have received the honor.

Represented by State Sen. Phil Boots (R-Crawfordsville) and State Reps. Beau Baird (R-Greencastle), Tim Brown (R-Crawfordsville, Alan Morrison (R-Brazil) and Sharon Negele (R-Attica), seven locally owned farms were recently honored:

  • The Charles H. Spencer farm in Parke County received a Centennial Award;
  • The Chastain farm in Montgomery County received a Sesquicentennial Award;
  • The Hurst  farm in Warren County received a Centennial Award;
  • The Jackson farm in Boone County received a Centennial Award;
  • The Nern farm in Warren County received a Centennial Award;
  • The Parke Miles & Emily Adrene Brown farm in Parke County received a Sesquicentennial Award; and
  • The Woody farm in Montgomery County received a Centennial Award.

“Operating a farm for more than 100 years is a tremendous accomplishment,” Boots said. “Our world has seen many challenges and changes during this time, requiring these families to adapt and persevere. These Hoosiers deserve our respect and I want to congratulate them on a job well done.”

"It's not easy running a farm, and to do so for as long as these families have is a major accomplishment worth celebrating," Baird said. "These Hoosiers are a testament to the dedication and perseverance that are so prevalent in our state's agriculture industry."

"These local farm families remain steadfast in braving the elements, managing technological advancements and handling evolving economies," Brown said. "We appreciate their commitment to farming and wish them nothing but continued success."

"Agriculture continues to be a major component of Indiana's economy," Morrison said. "Longstanding family farms like these are a reminder of our state's heritage and a reason to celebrate the jobs and products they continue providing."

"Congratulations to these 11 farms on receiving this award, and thank you for providing goods and services to Hoosiers for over a century," Negele said. "The items they produce are used in local restaurants, stores and food markets, which contribute billions of dollars to the economy."

To be named a Hoosier Homestead, farms must be owned by the same family for at least 100 consecutive years and consist of more than 20 acres or produce more than $1,000 of agricultural products per year. The award distinctions are Centennial, Sesquicentennial and Bicentennial – for 100, 150 and 200 years, respectively.

To learn more about the program or to apply for a Hoosier Homestead Award, visit www.in.gov/isda/2337.htm. Once made available, photos of the event can be found here.


State Sen. Phil Boots represents Senate District 23,
which includes all of Fountain, Montgomery, Parke, Vermillion and Warren counties and a portion of Boone county.

State Rep. Beau Baird represents House District 44,
which include all of Putman county and portions of Clay, Morgan, Owen, and Parke counties.

State Rep. Tim Brown represents House District 41,
which includes portions of Boone, Montgomery and Tippecanoe counties.

State Rep. Alan Morrison represents House District 42,
which includes all of Vermillion county, and portions of Clay, Fountain, Parke, Vigo and Warren counties.

State Rep. Sharon Negele represents House District 13,
which includes all of Benton county, and portions of Fountain, Jasper, Montgomery, Newton, Tippecanoe, Warren and White counties.