Judy: Cybersecurity, the election and you

Posted by: Jake Thompson  | Tuesday, October 23, 2018

With the general election just around the corner, it’s important to know your vote will count. As a member of the House Committee on Elections and Apportionment, I understand the concerns many Hoosiers have regarding cybercriminals meddling in elections.  

I recently attended a conference hosted by the bi-partisan National Conference of State Legislatures, where I met with other state lawmakers focused on preventing cyber threats, the human factor in securing elections, and protecting voter registration systems. Indiana already has several safeguards in place, and key groups – local election administrators, vendors, the secretary of state, legislators and others – are continuing to work together to make improvements and ensure every precaution is taken so your vote is accurately recorded.

To ensure Indiana continues to stay ahead of physical and cybersecurity threats, I sponsored legislation establishing additional polling security guidelines, especially for electronic voting systems or e-pollbooks. I also supported legislation addressing ballot integrity and electronic voting system audit procedures.

The secretary of state’s office has already taken steps to secure our elections. Indiana’s voting machines and tabulators are not connected to the internet. In fact, not one piece of our state’s voting equipment is online. All of our equipment is tested by Ball State University’s Voting System Technical Oversight Program, and the secretary of state works with the Election Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center. This independent organization partners with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and allows 24/7 access to security information, threat notifications and advisories. These added layers of protection help reduce the threat of hacking and fraud during election season.

One of the biggest threats to voters is the growing popularity of misinformation campaigns, where organizations or individuals use social media to influence public opinion. Before casting your ballot, do your homework and locate reliable information on candidates.

If you have any questions on this or other issues, please contact me at h83@iga.in.gov or 317-232-9863.


State Rep. Chris Judy (R-Fort Wayne) represents House District 83,

which includes portion of Allen and Whitley counties.

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