Jordan's proposal providing flexibility for schools, streamlining teacher training could soon be law

Posted by: Jessica Bruder  | Friday, March 13, 2020

STATEHOUSE (March 13, 2020) – State Rep. Jack Jordan's (R-Bremen) legislation to ease mandates for schools and provide flexibility could soon be signed into law by the governor.

Under Jordan's bill, schools could identify which education laws and requirements work best for their districts, and apply for a waiver with the State Board of Education to lift certain state mandates. This legislation would also task the State Board of Education with evaluating and streamlining Indiana’s current teacher training requirements.

"Educators face a number of mandates in addition to their day-to-day classroom duties," Jordan said. "Giving teachers and schools a way to bypass some of these burdensome regulations gives them flexibility to focus their attention in the classroom and help the next generation of Hoosier leaders."

Jordan's bill would also require the State Board of Education to create a report summarizing all the waiver requests they receive by November, and provide this report to lawmakers. Jordan said this step is critical to making informed decisions about easing education mandates in the future.

House Enrolled Act 1003 is now eligible to be signed by the governor. Visit for more information.


State Rep. Jack Jordan (R-Bremen) represents House District 17,
which includes all of Marshall County and a portion of Fulton County.
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