House passes Pressel's bill saving tax dollars

Posted by: Hannah Carlock  | Monday, February 27, 2017 12:06 pm

STATEHOUSE (Feb. 27, 2017) – The Indiana House of Representatives today voted unanimously in support of State Rep. Jim Pressel’s (R-Rolling Prairie) bill helping save taxpayer dollars.

Pressel’s proposal, among other things, would prohibit insurance companies from depreciating the value of damaged roadway property owned by the state.

“If an old roadside guardrail is damaged, insurance companies currently account for the age of the guardrail sign and depreciate the price,” Pressel said. “This legislation would save tax dollars by replacing the guardrail for the current dollar value.”

This bill would also provide the Indiana Department of Transportation with the authority to transfer property to nonprofits for land management.

“For example, when the state builds on property that is a wetland, the state then has to replace and maintain a new wetland in a different location,” Pressel said. “My proposal would allow INDOT to pass ownership of these wetlands to a local nonprofit to ensure the upkeep is maintained with how the community sees fit.”

This proposal now heads to the Senate for further consideration.


State Rep. Jim Pressel represents House District 20,
which includes portions of LaPorte and Starke counties.

A high-resolution photo of Pressel can be downloaded by clicking here.