House passes DeVon's teacher incentive bill

Posted by: Peter Hoffman  | Monday, February 1, 2016

STATEHOUSE (Feb. 1, 2016) – The Indiana House of Representatives passed today a bill authored by State Rep. Dale DeVon (R-Granger) that would allow school districts to devise and implement career development programs for their teaching faculty.

“Teachers can benefit from the Career Pathways and Mentorship Program because school districts would be able to create and implement their own mentorship and career plans,” Devon said. “Educators who take on extra roles and leadership positions should be recognized and rewarded and that is exactly what this bill does.”

DeVon said he realizes being a new teacher is challenging and House Bill (HB) 1005 includes several provisions to assist that transition. New teachers’ salary raises would be exempted from evaluation during their first two years in the classroom. Currently, state law prevents teachers rated as “needs improvement” or “ineffective” from receiving a pay raise.

Additionally, under the Career Pathways and Mentorship Program, school districts would be given the flexibility to create structured mentorship programs to support newer teachers.

HB 1005 will now go to the Senate for further consideration.


Rep. Dale DeVon (R-Granger) represents portions of St. Joseph County. 

NOTE TO THE EDITOR: Click here to download a high-definition, on camera interview with Rep. DeVon regarding HB 1005.