Heuer: I-69 exit changes

Friday, July 13, 2012 7:00 pm

Start Date:  7/13/2012  Start Time:  8:00 AM
End Date:  7/13/2012  End Time:  8:00 AM

Due to the new construciton of I-69 in southern Indiana, there will be changes made to the I-69 exits in our area.

Federal regulation requires all federal highways to be numbered from south to north. Therefore, the new Exit 0 will now be in Evansville, as opposed to where it is now, the Exit to I-465 in Indianapolis.

According to the Indiana Department of Transportation, the tentative plan is for the addition of 200 miles to I-69 to change all the exit numbers on the existing portion of I-69 by adding 200 to the current number. For example, Exit 52 will now be Exit 252, etc. Plans for this transition are still being finalized.

These changes will begin taking place shortly, but there will be a transitional period where the old and new exit numbers will both be posted so people can get used to the changes.