Harman: Many new laws now effective in Indiana

Posted by: Devan Strebing  | Tuesday, July 5, 2016 1:00 pm

STATEHOUSE (July 5, 2016) —State Rep. Tim Harman (R-Bremen) said Hoosiers should be aware of several new laws and many were effective as of July 1. 

Indiana is the meth lab capital of the country. With more than 1,500 incidents in 2015, Indiana has led the nation in meth-lab seizures for three consecutive years. However, a new law prevents meth cooks from obtaining large amounts of pseudoephedrine (PSE), which is a common ingredient found in common cold medicines. If a purchaser does not have a relationship with a pharmacy, pharmacists have the option to sell them an extraction-resistant product or a smaller package of PSE. If the purchaser refuses the alternative options, they would be required to obtain a prescription.

This month, Indiana will be the first state to begin developing an online child abuse registry. Named after Kirk Coleman, this new law is the result of Kirk’s death that occurred under the care of a babysitter who had been previously charged with child neglect. A year from now, or possibly sooner, people will be able to access an online registry providing a list of all individuals convicted of child abuse or neglect — similar to sex-offender registries.

Another new law created the “Next Generation Hoosier Educator Scholarship,” which works to encourage the best and brightest students to pursue a career in education, with up to $7,500 per year to help pay tuition. Eligible students must commit to teaching in Hoosier schools for at least five years. The Commission for Higher Education will be responsible for implementing and promoting the program, which will go into effect in 2017. There is $10 million appropriated for this scholarship.

Indiana is joining a growing number of states implementing the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act. The ABLE Act provides certain individuals with disabilities and their families the opportunity to contribute to a tax-exempt savings account that can be used for maintaining health, independence and quality of life. Now, Hoosiers with disabilities can create a savings program and better achieve financial independence without placing other benefits at risk.

To learn about other new laws now in effect, visit www.indianahouserepublicans.com or download the Digest of Enactments by visiting www.in.gov/h17.


State Rep. Tim Harman (R-Bremen) represents all of Marshall County and a large portion of Fulton County.

A high-resolution photo of Harman can be downloaded by clicking here.