Gov. Daniels Signs Rep. Soliday-Sponsored Bill into Law

Posted by: Kelly Sweeney  | Tuesday, March 24, 2009 8:00 am

(STATEHOUSE) March 24, 2009 - Gov. Mitch Daniels has announced that Indiana will become "the world's clean-coal leader" after signing a bill co-sponsored by Rep. Ed Soliday (R-Valparaiso). The bill, signed today, allows synthetic natural gas (SNG), made from coal, to be sent to Hoosier homes. The bill's author was Sen. Brandt Hershman.

"This law demonstrates responsibility in generating energy for Indiana," said Rep. Soliday. "The synthetic natural gas is equal in quality to natural gas, but it's produced with 99-percent fewer pollutants than a normal coal plant.

"To those who would argue there is no such thing as clean coal, they need to realize that we have a long way to go before renewable sources are affordable and readily available. Coal gasification is clearly a good intermediate solution for Hoosiers because the resources are here in Indiana and the technology is affordable and achievable in a relatively short term."

A coal gasification plant has been announced for Rockport. The plant is expected to provide 1,000 temporary construction jobs and up to 500 permanent jobs. The synthetic natural gas produced is pipeline quality, ready to be sent to homes.

The law allows the Indiana Finance Authority to enter into contracts for the sale and purchase of synthetic natural gas. This ensures that the fuel will be available to utility companies.

"Indiana Gasification, LLC estimates that SNG will save consumers $400 million over 30 years," said Rep. Soliday. "Not only is this a good move for our environment and for our future generations, but it will also be good for our pocketbooks right now."