Frye drives awareness to cleaner, cost-effective fueling source

Posted by: Hannah Carlock  | Thursday, April 28, 2016 3:00 pm

STATEHOUSE (April 28, 2016) – As a member of the House Committee on Roads and Transportation, State Rep. Randy Frye (R-Greensburg) is traveling around Indiana learning about alternative fuel sources, including Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

“Some motorists may be seeing fueling stations around the state offering CNG and wonder what that is,” Frye said.

According to Frye, CNG is natural gas that is under pressure, but remains clear, odorless and non-corrosive. This fuel can be used by any sized vehicle, from a sedan to a school bus.

“Many Hoosier trucking companies have made the switch to CNG and some automobile plants in the state are now making a bi-fuel line allowing for a vehicle to run on CNG or gasoline,” Frye said. “This is one way to decrease our dependence on foreign oil, and in turn, use locally sourced fuel.”

Frye authored legislation in 2013 allowing for tax credits and incentives for using alternative fuel. Frye said the use of CNG is increasing, with 26 stations throughout the state now offering the alternative fuel source, including a location in Greensburg.

“Natural gas is produced at a relatively low cost and burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel fuel,” Frye said. “There are also tax credits for those who use CNG in their vehicles. Last year, $360,000 in tax credits were provided to 24 claims filed in Indiana.”


Rep. Frye (R-Greensburg) represents Ohio and Switzerland counties, as well as portions of Ripley, Decatur, Jennings, Jefferson and Dearborn counties

NOTE TO THE EDITOR: State Rep. Randy Frye (R-Greensburg) stands with Constellation executives at the opening of one of their new CNG fueling stations.