Facilitating dialogue during the interim

Posted by: Kathryn Frakes  | Thursday, August 6, 2015

This legislative session, House Republicans worked to pass an honestly balanced budget, enhance public safety and expand educational opportunities for Hoosier students – all while maintaining accountability and transparency. These policy victories will foster a better quality of life for Hoosiers today and for future generations, but there is plenty of work yet ahead.

Now that session has adjourned, we are in what is known as the interim. During this time, we will continue to debate and craft policy measures through interim study committees. These committees serve a vital role in allowing lawmakers to take a deeper look at legislative issues and formulate responsible policy solutions for the Legislature to address the following session.

However, perhaps most importantly, this time of flux at the Statehouse gives me the opportunity to travel the district and hear from the folks I represent. Creating an open and free-flowing line of communication about the challenges people are facing in southern Indiana breeds inspiration for legislation.

For example, a teacher from our community mentioned that she was having difficulties transferring her teacher retirement death benefits. It was this discussion that influenced legislation and ultimately changed the code. It’s conversations like these that culminate in meaningful change for our district.

Even though we are no longer in session, I will continue to advocate for our community in Indianapolis, and I want to ensure that you are equipped with the proper resources to stay in touch. Throughout the interim and interim study committees, your input continues to be a critical part of the legislative process. I encourage you to provide feedback, ask questions or voice your concerns any time. I can be reached via email at h74@iga.in.gov, or by phone at (317) 232-9815.

Another way to track what’s happening at the Statehouse is to tune into interim study committee hearings via live stream, by visiting iga.in.gov. We have also expanded our online presence, at www.indianahouserepublicans.com, in an effort to reach our constituents more easily and faster than ever. Visitors can download my contact information and photos as well as press releases. You may also access a variety of resources, including maps and a General Assembly calendar. While you’re there, be sure and sign up for my electronic newsletters to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings during the interim.

Serving my neighbors in southern Indiana continues to be a privilege I hold dear. I look forward to continuing a strong partnership with our community as I search for new and innovative ways to improve the lives of Hoosiers. Together, we will continue to advocate for a better, stronger future for southern Indiana. 


Rep. Arnold (R-Leavenworth) represents portions of Spencer, Dubois, Perry, Crawford and Orange counties.