Domestic violence prevention and treatment bill passes out of committee

Posted by: Kelly Sweeney  | Wednesday, February 4, 2015 8:00 am

STATEHOUSE – State Representative Cindy Kirchhofer (R-Beech Grove) authored House Bill (HB) 1007, Domestic violence prevention and treatment, to support Indiana’s domestic violence programs. One of the priorities of the House Republican legislative agenda is to address some of the public safety concerns impacting Indiana, particularly in the area of domestic violence. The bill was co-authored by State Reps. Julie Olthoff and Dave Frizzell, HB 1007 passed unanimously out of the Family, Children and Human Affairs Committee today.

“Domestic violence is a serious problem across the state, I am glad we have made this a focus of our legislative agenda,” said Rep. Kirchhofer. “It is important that we provide the necessary resources these programs need in order to help prevent domestic violence and victims get back on their feet in a safe environment. I’m very thankful we were able to hear meaningful testimony today, including Representative Woody Burton’s moving testimony highlighting overcoming domestic violence as a child.”

This legislation makes a state General Fund appropriation to the Criminal Justice Institute for domestic violence prevention and treatment of $10 million in the biennial budget for domestic violence programs. The Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) reports that 57 domestic violence programs currently operate in Indiana.

“I am pleased to see HB 1007 move forward in the legislative process,” said Rep. Olthoff. “This bill would provide existing programs flexibility in supporting victims of domestic violence while generating opportunities for communities to create domestic violence programs of their own.”

ICADV is a statewide coalition that provides technical assistance, resources, information and training to domestic violence awareness programs, support agencies and concerned individuals. ICADV focuses on prevention of domestic abuse, legislative advocacy, public awareness, advocate training and legal assistance.

“Allocating resources to domestic violence prevention is an essential part of our agenda this session,” said Chairman Frizzell. “It’s important that we support groups like the ICADV in an effort to provide the necessary resources to victims.”

Visit to learn more about HB 1007 or visit to learn more about Reps. Kirchhofer, Olthoff and Frizzell.


Rep. Kirchhofer represents portions of Marion County.

Rep. Olthoff represents portions of Lake County.

Rep. Frizzell represents a portion of Marion and Johnson counties.