Davisson: Supporting Hoosier doctors and their patients

Posted by: Nick Seifer  | Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Supporting Hoosier doctors and their patients

This legislative session, the Indiana General Assembly made great strides in addressing the growing drug problem in our state, including the use of prescription drugs by non-prescribed users. Recently, legislation I authored to curb prescription drug abuse in Indiana was signed into law by the governor.

INSPECT is Indiana’s prescription drug monitoring program which makes data available to medical practitioners and law enforcement under certain conditions.

Each time a controlled substance is dispensed by a pharmacy to an Indiana resident, the pharmacy is required to report that data to INSPECT within seven days. Users of the INSPECT WebCenter can request Rx History Reports which show an individual’s controlled substance history, including what products they obtained, the dates the prescription was written and filled, the prescriber and dispensing pharmacy.

My new law does not mandate that prescribers use the INSPECT system, but allows the practitioner to include the INSPECT report in the patient's file. This is meant to prevent the ability to “doctor shop.”  When patients have abused prescription medication and see multiple doctors to obtain multiple prescriptions.

Before my law was introduced, the INSPECT system was only used to keep a record of living patients.  Coroners will have access to that information as well. If a patient’s information was logged into the INSPECT system, and they pass away, that information will be essential in investigations where an overdose may be the cause of death. Giving access to coroners will allow them to see what drugs they should or should not run toxicology panels for and what drugs that show up on the panel weren’t prescribed.

This new law is intended to promote the well-being of patients all across Indiana. It passed unanimously in both chambers and Pence signed the bill into law on March 21.

With House Enrolled Act 1278, I believe Indiana is continuing to move in the right direction to combat the problem of prescription drug abuse. I welcome your input regarding this and other issues impacting our community. Please contact me by phone at (317)232-9753 or by email at h73@iga.in.gov.