Davisson's bill curbing prescription drug abuse headed to governor

Posted by: Lindsay Devlin  | Tuesday, February 23, 2016

STATEHOUSE (Feb. 23, 2016) – The Senate voted unanimously today in support of State Rep. Steve Davisson’s (R-Salem) proposal which would expand the use of the Indiana’s Board of Pharmacy Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, INSPECT, to certain healthcare professionals.

“This legislation is intended to curb the unfortunate abuse of prescription drugs in our state,” Davisson said. “Expanding the use of the INSPECT program to more Hoosier prescribers is an important step in preventing individuals from doctor shopping.”

The INSPECT system used by healthcare professionals collects and shares data when controlled substances are prescribed and dispensed. If enacted, House Bill (HB) 1278 would allow dentists, physicians, advance practice nurses, physician assistants and podiatrists to check the INSPECT program and use the report as part of the patient’s medical record. They would reference it as part of the patient’s medical record, before prescribing or issuing refills for Schedule II controlled substances or Schedule III controlled substances with the exception of certain circumstances.

The legislation also sets prescribing norms and allows medical professional boards to develop a system for investigating potential over prescribers. Davisson’s proposal also allows coroners to have access to INSPECT for the purpose of medical death investigations.

HB 1278 will now be sent to Gov. Mike Pence where it could be signed into law.