Davisson: Prioritizing efficiency and public safety

Posted by: Lindsay Devlin  | Monday, January 25, 2016

Although it is early in the session, House Republicans have already accomplished a great deal to improve the state of Indiana. We have maintained tremendous focus on the goals we seek to accomplish as set forth in our agenda and I am looking forward to working with other members to address the issues that are important to Hoosier communities.

I believe that with the continued growth and development of technology, it is vital we find innovative ways to bring this new technology and information sharing to state government. I’ve authored legislation to create criteria that would ensure state agencies, as they upgrade technology, would have the ability to share information with other agencies and work together efficiently in accomplishing constituent services. If passed into law, the bill would task the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT) with establishing guidelines regulating the installation of these technologies and evaluating state agency budget requests and proposed contracts to acquire this equipment. This legislation would facilitate the modernization of technology in our governing organizations, streamlining red tape and improving efficiency.

In addition, few issues are of greater immediate importance this session than exploring the pervasive drug problems impacting people throughout Indiana. As a member of the Public Health Committee, I have worked with members of both chambers on several proposals this session to combat the meth epidemic.

With Indiana’s low immunization rates and one of the highest smoking per capita populations in our nation, I have proposed a bill that would provide greater accessibility of immunizations and smoking cessation products through pharmacies.  This would allow pharmacists to counsel and dispense these products to patients 18 or over that request them without a prescription on a statewide protocol.  This measure could help to reduce Indiana’s overall health care costs.

In Indiana, the INSPECT system used by health care professionals collects data on prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances. This program is one of the most important tools that health care professionals and law enforcement possess in fighting the addiction epidemic of opioids which often leads to the heroin deaths we have experienced. I have championed the INSPECT program since entering the Indiana General Assembly and I’ve authored legislation improving and updating this important tool. This year I authored legislation that would enhance the ability of medical professionals to use this system and establish clear rules that will create greater accountability.

Establishing clear guidelines for pharmacies, addressing the drug problems that our communities are facing and modernizing technology and efficiency in our state agencies are all significant matters affecting all Hoosiers. These are several of many topics that I will focus on this session, and with your input and participation, together we will make our great state even better.

I appreciate your thoughts and opinions on issues affecting our community, so please contact my office by phone at 1-800-382-9841 or by email at h73@iga.in.gov


Rep. Davisson represents parts of Washington, Orange, Lawrence, Jackson, Clark and Harrison Counties.