Carbaugh: Indiana’s government ranks best in the nation

Posted by: Jessica Baker  | Thursday, March 2, 2017 4:34 pm

STATEHOUSE (March 2, 2017) – The U.S. News and World Report recently ranked Indiana No. 1 on its list of “Best States,” according to State Rep. Martin Carbaugh (R-Fort Wayne).

The ranking was based on several categories including fiscal stability, budget transparency, government digitalization and state integrity.

“Through years of conservative and commonsense actions taken by the Republican-led General Assembly and executive branch, we have reduced the size of government, streamlined services and supported sound fiscal policies that have put Indiana in the national spotlight,” Carbaugh said. “I am committed to continuing this momentum and making sure our state government is accountable and transparent to Hoosier taxpayers.”

Indiana was ranked first in the nation for budget transparency overall. Carbaugh said Indiana has honestly balanced its budget since 2005, remained fiscally responsible and maintained healthy reserves since House Republicans took over the majority in 2004.

Creating an honestly balanced budget has afforded Indiana fully funded pension liabilities and a AAA credit rating. Carbaugh said Indiana has reduced the number of state employees by 20 percent over 10 years, reduced state-funded debt by 68 percent since 2005 and cut state agency budgets by almost 30 percent since 2009. Legislators have also eliminated more than 70 government boards and commissions and 600 government appointments while maintaining prudent reserves of at least 10 percent of current-year revenues in the past three biennial budgets. Indiana has also continued to fund its priorities, which include education and public safety. Carbaugh said the last three biennial budgets have included the largest investments ever in K-12 education.

House Republicans have maintained a commitment to transparency and digitization in government by live broadcasting each House session online since 2005, and House committee meetings since 2007. In 2011, House Republican members authored legislation to increase budgetary transparency within state and local government. The resulting law required the state auditor to create the Indiana Transparency Portal,, bringing better visibility, openness and accountability to state government. The portal contains information including agency budgets, state contracts, agency performance measures and local government expenditures. Carbaugh said it gives Indiana taxpayers a detailed look at the state’s finances, from top to bottom.

“Since Republicans took the majority more than a decade ago, we have remained committed to creating the best government for the people of Indiana,” Carbaugh said. “Working hard and maintaining fiscal stability, budget transparency, government digitalization and state integrity is what lawmakers strive to achieve while in office, and I am glad to see Indiana be recognized in such a positive way.”


State Rep. Martin Carbaugh (R-Fort Wayne) represents House District 81,
which includes portions of Allen County.

A high-resolution photo of Carbaugh can be downloaded by clicking here.