Borders: Bill helping students impacted by pandemic passes House

Posted by: Wade Coggeshall  | Tuesday, February 16, 2021

STATEHOUSE (Feb. 16, 2021) — The Indiana House of Representatives advanced legislation establishing the Student Learning Recovery Grant Program to help students experiencing learning loss due to the pandemic, according to State Rep. Bruce Borders (R-Jasonville).

According to Borders, students transitioning back and forth between e-learning and classroom learning are likely to experience some form of learning loss. This proposal, which Borders supported, would create a $150 million grant program to provide individuals or organizations resources to help students who have fallen behind in class, scored below academic standards or are at risk of falling behind.

"Many Hoosier children are struggling with school because the pandemic has disrupted their learning," Borders said. "This funding can help students get back on track, so they are prepared to enter the next grade."

Borders said many students experience some form of learning loss after summer break, but most are typically able to relearn forgotten lessons quickly. However, a recent study completed by Stanford's Center for Research on Education Outcomes, shows the average Indiana student lost 129 days of reading knowledge and 209 days of math knowledge as a result of COVID-19 disruptions.  

Program criteria for grants would be determined by the Indiana Department of Education, along with the State Board of Education. Borders said applying organizations, which could include local schools, colleges or universities, community or philanthropic organizations, and prospective, current and retired educators, would be required to submit a plan detailing the programs that would supplement a student's regular coursework. The DOE would be responsible for overseeing the grant program.

Visit for more information on House Bill 1008. This legislation now moves to the Indiana Senate for further consideration.


State Rep. Bruce Borders (R-Jasonville) represents House District 45, which includes
all of Sullivan County and portions of Vigo, Greene, Knox and Daviess counties.
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