Bill to increase public safety passes House

Posted by: Courtney Scott  | Monday, February 23, 2015

STATEHOUSE – State Representative Wendy McNamara (R-Mount Vernon) has authored a bill to provide tactical training for emergency responders. House Bill (HB) 1197, co-authored by State Representative Ron Bacon (R-Chandler), passed out of the House with a vote of 95 - 0 and will now head to the Senate for further consideration and debate.

HB 1197 requires the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to develop core curriculum requirements and standards for tactical emergency casualty care training (TECC) programs. Full-time firefighters, law enforcement officers, emergency medical technicians, advance emergency medical technicians and paramedics must successfully complete an eight hour TECC program as part of their basic training.

“I appreciate the dedication and skill of our emergency responders,” said Rep. McNamara. “My goal of HB 1197, is to ensure that, no matter where you reside in Indiana, all first responders are on the same page, and have received the same training when they respond to the direst of circumstances.”

This legislation would also require the DHS to consult and cooperate with the Law Enforcement Training Board and the Emergency Medical Services Commission to develop the curriculum requirements for the TEEC programs.

“Public safety is a top priority in our community,” said Rep. Bacon. “It is not uncommon when an emergency situation occurs for multiple departments to be dispatched to the scene. By implementing consistent, high-quality training across the board, first responders will be able to work together more efficiently and in turn, save additional lives when every moment counts.”

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