[76] Vanderburgh County Community Foundation (10/25/2011)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Start Date: 10/25/2011 All Day
End Date: 10/25/2011

State House

              Making charitable visions realized 
      Vanderburgh County Community Foundation

The Vanderburgh County Community Foundation has been bringing people who care about the community, deserving non-profits and residents together for over 13 years. The foundation oversees 100 endowed funds totaling around $16 million. They along with their donors make our community a better place for everyone to live by putting charitable endowments to excellent use.

This type of foundation is especially important and unique because they help donors plan the ins and outs of their charitable donation. Setting up a charitable fund that is effective, sustainable and well executed is challenging and complicated. The Vanderburgh County Community Foundation makes this process easier by providing needed vehicles to make a donor’s charitable vision realized. With the foundation’s expertise, a donor can feel assured that their contribution will make a difference in Vanderburgh County.

By donating funds to causes people feel passionate about, it enables many different groups and individuals to receive help. One great example is Robin’s Nest which was recently created and helps families who have a loved one battling terminal cancer. The foundation also helps many students continue their schooling at the collegiate level through their community scholarship program. We all know how valuable an education is and the foundation enables students to continue on their academic journey.

This is a wonderful organization that advocates for giving back to our community and provides a needed service of helping individuals, families and businesses leave a charitable legacy in Vanderburgh County. To find out more about Vanderburgh County Community Foundation, visit: http://www.vanderburghcommunityfoundation.org/home