[22] Rep. Kubacki discusses women’s issues with Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann and Congresswoman Susan Brooks

Posted by: Zach Weismiller  | Friday, February 21, 2014

Thursday, State Representative Rebecca Kubacki (R-Syracuse) met with Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann and Congresswoman Susan Brooks (R-IN5) to discuss modern challenges and issues affecting Hoosier women in today’s society.

“Even today, women can sometimes face startling struggles in our society,” said Rep. Kubacki. “While women have made incredible strides to overcome inequality throughout modern history, it is clear that there is still work to be done. The purpose of our discussion today was to talk about different ways to promote and empower female leadership, in all sectors, in our state and our country. I look forward to meeting with these intelligent, hard-working women again to further discuss these issues.”

“I enjoyed meeting with Lt. Governor Ellspermann and Representative Kubacki to discuss ways we can work together to help Hoosier women succeed in their professional and personal lives,” said Congresswoman Brooks. “Women face many challenges in today’s workforce but also have many new and exciting opportunities available to them. We must encourage and support women seeking to rise up the corporate ladder and assume leadership positions in vital industries. It’s important to have a diversity of voices at the table when crucial decisions are being made. The Hoosier State has so many talented and dedicated female leaders in both the public and private sectors, and I’m proud to represent many of them in Congress.”  

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average full time professional woman earns only 76 percent of their male co-workers salaries. Additionally, women among all levels of education (high school graduate to doctoral degree) are earning significantly less than men with the same degree. Women are also holding only 17 percent of leadership positions in fortune 500 companies and within that only 6 percent of executive directorships are held by women. 

The Confidence Coalition, a national movement aimed at empowering women, and the National Girl Scout Research Institute, have reported that in the workforce women are sometimes not seen as talented or as having as much potential as their male counterparts.

For more information on The Confidence Coalition and how women can be empowered visitwww.confidencecoalition.org.