Working for Northwest Indiana

Monday, April 6, 2015

Working for Northwest Indiana

I am excited to say a bill I co-sponsored to designate the Northwest Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (NILEA) as a criminal justice agency and make it a board certified training center passed unanimously out of the House.

Senate Bill 193 allows NILEA to have all the duties and privileges of a police agency. The academy may now appoint their own police officers, design uniforms, operate emergency vehicles and perform investigations. These privileges, along with others, allow the academy to be used as a resource for Northwest Indiana.

Currently, the NILEA cannot receive federal dollars, but with this legislation, the academy will be eligible to apply for and receive federal funds to further their training courses and purchase needed equipment. Mental illness and domestic violence training, among other courses, go a long way in sustaining a great police force in our communities.

Formed in 1982 and located in Hobart, the academy has the capacity to train and educate 2,100 officers. They are one of six academies in Indiana. In addition to offering in-service training, the recruit basic training is 15 weeks in length and is held in January and August.

I am proud of the excellent work NILEA provides; they are a home grown resource that trains some of the best law enforcement officers int he state. I am pleased to see this legislation move to the governor's desk.

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