Supporting solutions for our community and state

Supporting solutions for our community and state

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Supporting solutions for our community and state

I recently had the opportunity to attend two ceremonial bill signings for legislation that I advocated for throughout session. One bill was Senate Enrolled Act 94 which works to provide additional opportunities for rape victims and ensure justice can be fairly served.

This law provides that a rape charge, otherwise barred by the statute of limitations, may be brought within five years of that time if the state discovers new DNA evidence, becomes aware of a recording that provides evidence or a person confesses to the crime. 

Another bill I authored was House Enrolled Act 1435. The bill allows not-for-profits to continue their current practices of giving alcohol as a prize or auctioning alcoholic beverages at charity events. For example, wine baskets were not allowed in silent auctions so many of our local charities could not use them as prizes.

Alcoholic beverage items are a large attraction at events and auctions that raise money for charitable organizations. This legislation helps remove an unnecessary burden that required not-for profits to obtain a permit in their attempt to host a fundraiser, limiting funds that would help those in need.

Both bills go into effect on July 1st of this year. You can learn more about either of these pieces of legislation by clicking here. It was an honor to work for our community this session and I look forward to continue serving House District 19 throughout the year.

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