Supporting nonprofit choices

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Supporting nonprofit choices

This legislative session, I authored a bill to support and provide nonprofit organizations with more flexibility over their charity events. Under House Bill 1435, charities will be able to give or auction sealed alcohol beverages as prizes without obtaining a permit. This bill passed 92-6 out of the House and now moves onto the Senate for further discussion.

Currently, wine baskets and other alcohol beverages were not allowed to be prizes at auctions. This restriction has caused local events in Lake County, such as the Rotary's Clothing Our Children event, to be canceled.

Alcohol beverages can be big ticket items for charity auctions that draw in donations and can now be auctioned up to four times a year without a permit. As more people participate in these auctions, more funds can be raised for charities and their worthy causes.

The most rewarding part of being a state representative is finding solutions to benefit my community and state. Nonprofits use charity events as a way to raise awareness and better communities, and I am pleased to have authored legislation that will allow them to raise funds in the way they believe is most effective.

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