Rep. Lucas: Educating our Hoosiers

Posted by: Devan Strebing  | Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dear friend,

As school officials still await the results of last spring’s ISTEP, Gov. Mike Pence recently announced he is working with the General Assembly to make sure the predicted decline in test scores — due to the adoption of new and higher standards — does not unfairly impact teacher evaluations and performance bonuses this year.

I applaud the governor’s decision and his thoughtful consideration of our hardworking educators.

During the last meeting of the Interim Study Committee on Education, lawmakers made recommendations for the 2016 legislative session concerning teacher pay, rewarding teacher training and improving how the ISTEP examination is administered and utilized. The committee also recommended mentorship programs and exploring loan forgiveness to better recruit and retain teachers — especially in shortage areas like math and science.

I am proud of our dedicated teachers and students, and I look forward to this upcoming session where we can focus on these recommendations and find solutions that keep talented teachers in our classrooms.


State Rep. Jim Lucas