Rep. Carbaugh: Celebrating session accomplishments: Education

This is part of a four part series about our 2015 legislative accomplishments. This week focuses on education.

Posted by: Brandi Klingerman  | Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Celebrating session accomplishments

This is part of a four part series about our 2015 legislative accomplishments. This week focuses on education.

I am pleased to report that this legislative session was very productive. To better inform you about the work we have done to improve our community and state, I will be doing a four-part series about this session's achievements. The first installment of this series focuses on education.

We worked tirelessly on crafting a budget that is honestly balanced, while permitting the largest increase to education funding in our state's history. This $474 million increase over the biennium will provide needed support for our schools including historic funding for Fort Wayne Community School Corporation. In addition to increased k-12 education funding, we were also able to fully fund full-day kindergarten and double the funding for English Language Learners. 

Along with education funding increases, I coauthored legislation that will give Hoosier teachers a $100 tax credit for supplies purchased for the classroom. Teachers often purchase school supplies for students and lessons with money out of their own pocket, and the House Republicans recognized the need to help alleviate some of this financial burden. This tax credit is a good first step, and I am committed to working toward a higher tax credit.

One of the largest assets in our community is IPFW. I supported legislation allowing this college to be classified as a metropolitan university, permitting the school to offer more graduate and undergraduate degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. With this change, Hoosier students will have increased access to STEM fields and career opportunities.

By supporting our students and their education, we are protecting the future and stability of Indiana. To learn more about each of the items discussed above, click here. Stay tuned for the second part of this four part series in which I will discuss what we have done to benefit our service men and women and veterans. 

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