Funding education, projects and programs

Friday, May 8, 2015 9:30 am

Funding education, projects and programs

These past four months have flown by, and I am pleased with this session's accomplishments. As you may know, this was a long session dedicated to crafting and passing the state's biennial budget. Within the budget, we were able to fund many programs that benefit Hoosier students, teachers and taxpayers.

Along with balancing the budget, we continued the long tradition of keeping education a top priority by increasing K-12 education funding by $474 million, the largest increase in state history. We were also able to substantially raise the foundation level of spending to benefit all students and reduce the spending gap between the traditionally highest and lowest funded public schools. Additionally, I supported a $100 teacher tax credit for educators who use their own money to purchase supplies.

While education is a top priority, I coauthored legislation that doubled the domestic violence prevention and treatment fund within the budget. This funding allows for organizations to apply for grants to improve their current programs and shelters. This funding is just one of the House Republican public safety initiatives that passed into law.

The biennial budget also includes funding to provide state matching grants to support the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority. These dollars will be available for projects extending the Chicago, South Shore and South Bend Railway. This will allow our regional transportation to grow and improve in the coming years.

To learn more about our biennial budget, click here. We want our future generations to inherit opportunities and not deficits, which is why I was pleased to support an honestly balanced budget that remains true to the value of fiscal integrity. Throughout the rest of the year, I encourage you to contact my office with your questions and concerns.

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