Ziemke earns top score from Indiana Chamber

Posted by: Zach Weismiller  | Monday, May 16, 2016

STATEHOUSE (May 16, 2016) — State Rep. Cindy Ziemke (R-Batesville) earned a 98 percent on the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s annual Legislative Vote Analysis for her support of pro-economy, pro-jobs legislation.

Ziemke’s score is based on her performance during the 2016 session of the Indiana General Assembly and her votes cast in agreement with the Indiana Chamber’s position on certain bills, including measures providing road funding, workforce education and scholarships to top-performing Hoosier students who enter the teaching field.

“The Legislative Vote Analysis is an important source of information for thousands of Indiana employers and citizens,” states Indiana Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar. “The purpose is to keep Hoosiers informed about what’s going on at the Indiana Statehouse and how their legislators are voting on issues vital to the state’s economic future and their own. This report makes it clear which legislators support pro-economy, pro-jobs bills and which legislators do not.” 

Indiana is one of the most business-friendly states in the country, recently ranking first in the Midwest and among the top five in the nation for best business climate, according to Chief Executive’s annual “Best & Worst States for Business” ranking.

“By steadily decreasing our corporate income tax rate and maintaining a AAA credit rating, Indiana has quickly become one of the best places in the nation to start a business,” Ziemke said. “As a lawmaker, I will continue to vote for policies that build upon our state’s economic success and help to create an environment where companies can grow and prosper.”

Ziemke received a four-year aggregate score of 95 percent.


Rep. Cindy Ziemke (R-Batesville) represents portions of Ripley, Rush, Decatur, Franklin and Fayette counties.

The Indiana Chamber partners with 24,000 members and investors – representing over four million Hoosiers – to achieve the mission of “cultivating a world-class environment which provides economic opportunity and prosperity.”