Wrapping up the interim, gearing up for session (10/28/2011)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Start Date: 10/28/2011
End Date: 10/28/2011

Following the 2011 legislative session, the General Assembly has continued to work hard and take a closer look at issues facing Hoosiers across the state.

At the beginning of the interim, which began once session ended in April, Speaker Brian Bosma appointed each member to various interim study committees. Comprised of members from both the House and Senate, these study committees have met throughout the interim to further discuss topics that have been or will be addressed during the upcoming session.

With the start of November on the horizon, the interim committees are winding down with all interim committee reports to be filed by November 1. These committee reports are recommendations to the General Assembly on how best to address the issues studied. Crucial information from various studies and public testimony are drawn from the committee reports in an effort to lay the groundwork on reform packages.

As a member of the Regulatory Flexibility Interim Study Committee, I was able to dig deeper on issues facing our state’s energy security and prosperity. Electrical demand, anticipated electricity prices and anticipated EPA regulations are all ongoing topics of conversation within this committee. Natural gas, water/water waste and natural gas pipeline safety were also topics that were examined.

I am also a member of the Joint Study Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Assessment. A large part of our discussion focused on projecting Indiana's transportation demands through 2035 along with evaluating the state highway system and addressing questions about the continuation of funding for state highways.

The state highway system is in good shape for the next several years in large part to Major Moves. With the program winding down in the next five years, committee discussion focused on how best to maintain the roadways and continue to make strategic investments in infrastructure.

These final months before session will continue to be filled with important discussion concerning what the best solutions are to some of the toughest issues our state is facing.

We still have many issues to discuss, conversations to be had and topics to explore as we start gearing up for session. I welcome your input and encourage you to email me at H52@IN.gov or call me at 317-234-9380.


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