Speaker Bosma Responds to the State of the State Address

Posted by: Tory Flynn  | Tuesday, January 13, 2015 7:25 pm

STATEHOUSE – “The Governor set exactly the right tone and we are fully aligned in our priorities. House Republicans announced in October our focus would be on crafting an honestly balanced budget, increasing public school funding, fixing the funding formula and addressing important aspects of public safety, namely infant mortality and domestic violence prevention. 

“The Governor's additional call to action to constitutionally enshrine our track record of an honestly balanced budget is also important. We will review his proposal and make sure it is protective of future generations. 

“Although many issues will be addressed this year, there is no more important priority for the House Republicans in the coming session than education. It is my hope that we can invest more funding in public education than is in the current budget. I was pleased to hear the governor echo this call for investment in Hoosier classrooms. 

“I am especially appreciative of the Governor’s acknowledgment of the great accomplishments our state has made. I look forward to the General Assembly’s continued partnership with our great Governor.”