Speaker Bosma responds to the State of the Judiciary

Posted by: Tory Flynn  | Wednesday, January 14, 2015 2:34 pm

STATEHOUSE – “Today marked a momentous occasion in our state’s history as Indiana’s first woman Chief Justice took the podium to deliver her first State of the Judiciary. I appreciated her call to improve public safety, strengthen families and modernize courts. 

“I look forward to her leadership and expertise as she guides the judicial branch through some of the criminal code changes that went into effect last year. She outlined the many possibilities this reform will have in the judicial system and provided solutions to address some of the challenges presented – especially when it comes to probation and community corrections. 

“House Republicans highlighted our commitment to public safety when we announced our legislative agenda in October. I was pleased to hear the Chief Justice echo many of the same priorities. I look forward to continue working with the judicial branch to provide local government more tools and resources to combat public safety concerns.”