Speaker Bosma: HIP 2.0 is a win for Indiana

Posted by: Tory Flynn  | Tuesday, January 27, 2015 11:52 am

STATEHOUSE – “I was very pleased to learn that Governor Pence’s request to implement HIP in Indiana was finally approved by federal officials.

“I am glad the governor stood strong in his decision not to enact the Affordable Care Act in Indiana and pushed for a consumer driven program that has a proven, positive history for our state. This Hoosier-designed plan allows consumers to decide which health care option is best for them and to not put that crucial, personal decision in the hands of government officials. HIP 2.0 allows Hoosiers to better manage their health because it is based on the concept of individual responsibility. This consumer-based plan was developed by Hoosiers for Hoosiers and is a win for Indiana.”