Speaker Bosma highlights a decade of results

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 7:00 pm

The House of Representatives began the 119th General Assembly with the swearing in of the Speaker of the House, Brian C. Bosma (R-Indianapolis) and members of the House of Representatives.

Organization Day is a tradition where elected leaders are formally sworn in to uphold the United States and Indiana State Constitution and the Speaker of the House is selected by the members. Chief Justice Loretta Rush administered the oaths.

The legislators also elected Caroline Spotts as the Principal Clerk for the House of Representatives.

Speaker Bosma presented his goals and priorities for the upcoming session, which is scheduled to begin Tuesday, January 6th at 1:30pm. After the state representatives were sworn in, including nine new members of the House, the Speaker took to the rostrum to be one of two individuals in Indiana history to address the body as Speaker ten years after their first opportunity.

In 2004, our state dragged the nation in job creation and led the nation in job loss. Ten years later, we have made Indiana the envy of the nation on the fiscal and business climate front,” said Speaker Bosma. 

The Speaker organized a group of Teachers of the Year dating back to 2004, to serve as his informal advisors in education. 

“We will be calling on this group to offer their thoughts and opinions as to how best bring excellence to every classroom for every Hoosier student.  If there is one thing we can agree on – it’s that a great teacher is the single most important indicator of success for each student,” said Speaker Bosma. 

The Speaker also reiterated his commitment to strengthen disclosure and transparency as well as strengthening House rules. 

“Ten years ago, I highlighted my intention to make government more accountable, more business like, more transparent for every Hoosier. As I mentioned then and I reiterate now – this is critical to the institution,” said Bosma. 

“There’s a solution to every problem before us ladies and gentlemen – we just have to find it.”

Click here to view Speaker Bosma's full Organization Day Speech. 

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