Rep. Torr: Indiana leads the nation in job growth

Monday, June 4, 2012 7:00 pm

Start Date:  6/4/2012  Start Time:  9:00 AM
End Date:  6/4/2012  End Time:  9:00 AM

Indiana led the nation in private sector job growth in April. The job growth added 15,400 new jobs for Hoosiers, according to the latest report from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.
Hoosier job growth was six times the U.S. average and accounted for roughly 12 percent of the nation’s increase.

Though every sector saw growth, the most notable job sector growth is in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing had an additional 6,200 jobs which outpaced Indiana’s entire private sector gains for the month of March.

House Republicans have developed and passed legislation that continues to promotes Hoosier job creation through providing companies with tax credits, economic development tools and through the passage of Right to Work.

I am glad our communities are beginning to see job growth and the positive effects of our legislation.