Rep. Ober: Securing student safety (2/24/2014)

Monday, February 24, 2014 7:00 pm

Start Date:  2/24/2014  Start Time:  8:00 AM
End Date:  2/24/2014  End Time:  8:00 AM
STATEHOUSE – House Bill (HB) 1323 authored by State Representative Dave Ober (R-Albion) passed out of the Senate with amendments and will now come back to the House for concurrence.

HB 1323 allows higher education entities to develop policies on their campuses relating to who can administer epinephrine and related training programs. 

“As a former resident assistant at Purdue, I was alerted to the startling statistic that between 4 and 6 percent of a university’s population is at risk of a life-threatening allergic reaction,” said Rep. Ober. “I want universities to feel confident in creating policies dealing with this issue in order to help prevent an allergic reaction from taking a life.”

HB 1323 also provides civil immunity for anyone affiliated with a university that has established an epinephrine plan who administers an EpiPen to someone. 

“Many higher education institutions are leery of creating policies to deal with this issue because currently there is no guarantee of protection if a faculty member or student employee were to administer epinephrine in good faith and something were to go wrong,” said Rep. Ober. “Our schools shouldn’t be hindered in any way when making their campuses safe for students.”

This legislation will be effective upon being signed into law by the governor. 

Rep. Ober represents all of Noble County and portion of Allen, Elkhart, LaGrange and Whitley counties.