Rep. Culver: Unclaimed Indiana (5/22/2014)

Posted by: Brandi Klingerman  | Thursday, May 22, 2014 7:00 pm

Start Date:  5/22/2014  Start Time:  8:00 AM
End Date:  5/22/2014  End Time:  8:00 AM
Dear Editor,

The Indiana Attorney General recently announced that Indiana is holding over $400M in unclaimed funds. Even though I didn’t have money waiting, I found that my nephew did. During my search, I saw that there were hundreds of dollars in unclaimed property for individuals, businesses, medical facilities and government offices in Middlebury and Goshen. Some people and businesses had multiple claims including the Goshen News! If you’re interested in finding money that rightfully belongs to you, the process to do so is simple.

You can start your search like I did by visiting You can search by last name, the last name of your relatives or even by the name of a business. If you have unclaimed funds, select the funds and choose to ‘add to claim.’ You can also click ‘tell a friend’ to notify someone that they have unclaimed money available. If you decide to make a claim, the next step asks you to select the relationship type that you have with the available money or property from the drop-down menu. There are descriptions above the claim form for each of the menu choices. Once you have chosen the relationship, click ‘continue’ and provide your contact information. The next step includes printing your claim, signing the form and then providing any required documentation to claim the funds. Lastly, mail the documents to the address provided on the form. Options are available for those without a printer.

I hope everyone will find this information helpful and discover money they never realized was missing. I encourage everyone to check when they have a moment to spare, perhaps even search the names of friends and family, and help them learn about their unclaimed funds. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a check instead of paying one?


State Representative Wes Culver
House District 49