Rep. Cherry: Connecting Hoosier veterans with employers

Posted by: Nick Seifer  | Friday, February 16, 2018 9:00 am

Indiana recently launched the Next Level Veterans initiative to pair veterans with the 85,000 open jobs throughout Indiana. More than half of the 200,000 service men and women who leave the military each year face a period of unemployment, and this initiative could reduce the stress of unemployment for our veterans and their families. The new statewide program brings together public and private organizations to recruit, employ and connect discharged military personnel to Indiana.

Veterans walk among us every day. In the shadows of the spotlight and blending in as average citizens, these men and women are heroes who stepped up to protect our country. They are exceptional, not only because of their sacrifices, but because of the many skills they bring to the workforce. Now it is time for us to fight for them.

To strengthen Indiana’s workforce, the Next Level Veterans program enables both Hoosier and out-of-state veterans to put their skills to use. After putting their lives on the line, they often have a harder time finding jobs when they return home. Indiana wants to make our veterans feel appreciated and provide them tools to re-enter the workforce.

Veterans who are recruited and employed in Indiana can deliver many positives to the state. Attracting veterans from around the country to fill high-wage, high-demand jobs is a win-win for military service members and employers. Next Level Veterans will encourage partnerships around the state to bring our nation’s skilled and talented veterans back to our welcoming and vibrant Indiana communities.

To better connect with veterans, Next Level launched a website to help both veterans and Hoosier employers at, providing resources for veterans across the country who want to find work, training or housing information in Indiana. Veterans can select a career path they’re interested in and the site will match them with training providers that meet their specifications.

Homelessness is another issue veterans may face when they return home. The Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation offers designated specialists who help veterans overcome barriers to regular employment. According to the foundation, many times the reason a veteran is dealing with homelessness is due to unemployment. Thanks to loans through the Veterans Affairs office, those who move to Indiana could receive financial assistance with a down payment on an Indiana home or money for relocating to the state.

The hardships veterans encounter searching for employment is evident. With more than half of the service men and women leaving the military each year struggling with unemployment, Next Level Veterans will help our veterans find meaningful employment after their service to our great nation. I ask veterans or Hoosiers with ideas to help further combat unemployment and homelessness to contact me at or 317-232-9651.


State Rep. Bob Cherry (R-Greenfield) represents House District 53,

which includes portions of Hancock and Madison counties.


A high-resolution photo of Cherry can be downloaded by clicking here.