Rep. Borror Named Advisor on Property Tax Bill

Thursday, February 28, 2008 7:00 pm

Start Date:  2/28/2008  All Day  
End Date:  2/28/2008    

(STATEHOUSE) Feb. 28, 2008 - House Bill 1001, which contains the elements of the governor's property tax plan, has now passed the House and the Senate, but due to disagreements regarding the language of the legislation, the bill now moves to conference committee. Rep. Randy Borror (R-Fort Wayne) has been named as a House Republican advisor.

"The General Assembly has been working overtime on this bill since December, but all of the work we have done so far can go out the window during conference committee," said Rep. Borror. "Conference committee is the final step in amending the language of the legislation. All four caucuses will wager their bargaining chips and make sacrifices to come to an agreement.

"Since the summer of 2007, Hoosiers have demanded that bold, fair and permanent tax relief must come out of this session. This is the final step to granting their wishes.

"I hope the House Democrats will put their partisan politics aside and grant the request of hard-working Hoosier families."

A conference committee is composed of members of all four caucuses - House and Senate Republicans and House and Senate Democrats. Each caucus has one conferee and, generally, at least one advisor. They debate the bill, examine any alterations and come to an agreement before returning the bill to the House and Senate for final votes.

If the bill is agreed upon, it will move to the governor's desk for his signature.

Rep. Borror encourages constituents to contact him with questions or concerns through e-mail at, by calling the Statehouse toll-free at 1-800-382-9841 or by writing him at the Statehouse, 200 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204.